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Preview: Hannah Wants at Patterns – Brighton

Hannah Wants. A name that has plastered almost every festival lineup, DJ Magazine and student halls group Whatsapp chat for the last 2 years. She’s performed on some of the biggest stages in the world, reached number 8 in the UK singles chart with the track ‘Rhymes’, and last year, ran a bi-weekly residency on Radio 1. Her sound unites her love of old school speed garage, bass heavy 4×4, and the tech-y sound of the white isle, to form an energetic crowd pleasing style which has recently soared in popularity. Unless you’ve been living in the dark depths of your bedroom with your head buried in scholarly articles, you’ve probably heard her name mentioned at least once before.

hannah_wants01_website_image_mnoc_standardCrowd shot from Parklife Festival in Manchester

The 30-year-old DJ, born and bred in Birmingham, first broke through in to the house scene back in 2010 when she spent a season in Ibiza. Since then, with help from brummie pal Chris Lorenzo, she has won countless awards, including receiving in 2014 alone, ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ by both Mixmag and DJ Mag, as well as ‘Star of the Year’ from DJ Mag.

Hannah performing at Amnesia Ibiza

 Hannah performing at Amnesia Ibiza

Her last appearance in Brighton was part of her ‘What Hannah Wants’ UK tour, which landed at Concorde 2 last February. This Friday, 7th October, she’s back for a more intimate set at the smaller capacity, relatively recently refurbished seafront venue ‘Patterns’. Picture low ceilings, minimal lighting and the smell of new wood (who doesn’t love that smell?!).

Want to hear what she’s all about? Check out this set from Mixmag Lab LA!


Advance tickets have run dry, but fear not, as Patterns always holds back a load of tickets for the door, providing you arrive early. You can view all the relevant information on the Patterns website.

Fin Evans & Sam Clouston will be part of the crowd this Friday! To hear how it went, tune in to their Monday night show, 8-10pm right here on URF!

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