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Skream If You Want More

Following his performance last year, Croydon based producer Skream is returning to Brighton once again for another sold out show at Patterns, Friday 24th November. Vowing to return after last year’s power cuts sliced his first show short, this year’s visit is a highly anticipated one. With sold out dates throughout the UK, the return of his praised Open Till Close tour is not set to disappoint. Making moves in the business for over 15 years, Skream has not shied away from experimenting with his sound, creating live sets that are one of a kind. Playing, in his own words, “anything from funk, to disco, to house or techno”, the night is guaranteed to be a great one, no matter your preference.

Despite his original roots pioneering dubstep in the UK, Skream has certainly not been restricted in his producing abilities. Throughout his career he has dabbled in other genres such as garage, drum and bass and jungle, leaving no corner of music untouched over the years. It is Skream’s extensive and eclectic background in the electronic music scene that makes for a truly unique listening experience. His remix of La Roux’s ‘In for the Kill’ thrust the producer into the limelight in 2005, with many crediting him for the explosion of dubstep in the UK and America in the subsequent years. Tracks like ‘Rutten’ and ‘Midnight Request Line’ from his debut album, Skream!, are amongst his most recognisable, with their inimitable fusing of soft melodies and heavy basslines. More than 10 years on from this release, Skream has gone from strength to strength, now an established and sought-after name globally.

During the summer Skream played DJ sets at festivals all over the world such as The Birdhouse Miami and BPM festival in Portugal. Skream adores his live performances in the UK and said “Last year’s ‘Open To Close’ tour was definitely my highlight of last year!”. Welcomed back with open arms, many who have missed out on his live sets over summer are eager to grab a chance on his UK tour this time round. But if you were lucky enough to see him during the summer do not expect the same tracks “There’s so much music I buy as a listener that I play on the OTC tour that I just can’t play during summer festival sets that are 90-120 minutes long, so I am literally collecting music all year round to play on the tour”. The freedom of filling a whole 5 hours with his original mixes is certain then to be an unmissable event, whether or not you’ve seen Skream work his magic before.