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Midlight: A Reintroduction

Shad Mutali | URF

The Brighton bred band formerly known as Brother returned to the stage at The Finsbury, debuting new songs which display growth both sonically and lyrically.


Credit: James Hammick 66photography99

In their first live performance since Primo Maggio, Midlight headlined a night of #Blogbtober Festival curated by Fame Magazine. The band started off their set with a new song I Go Away, setting a sombre tone. Ollie Turvey’s bass received greater prominence with this foray into a haunting sound, while the guitars were more nuanced. Despite having to battle some sound issues, neither the group nor the crowd were fazed as they played off the technical difficulties and segued into one of their staples, Eli.

Later in the set they revisited their darker sonic palette with the debut of No Effort (I.N.V.I.N.C.I.B.L.E), though this time adding keys to the mix. The sparseness and simplicity of the chords somewhat echoed Michael Andrews’ composition on Mad World. The track featured impassioned guitar riffs from Isaac Squires towards the end contrasting with the low-key elements of the song. George Ireland’s howling vocals added to the poignancy of the outro before it closed with Turvey’s foundational baselines and Owen Beesley’s soft drum beats.

They followed this up with Black Tie Mondays which exemplified growth both literally and in songwriting ability. The song describes the mundanity of the working week and the quest to free oneself at the weekend fuelled by intoxication. Suffice to say the theme resonated with the maturing audience.

“Weekends come and weekends go/ but you’re still left here in between/ Taking orders and paying rent/ is there more here to be seen”


“Living fast to get it over with / is that the way you thought it’d be?

You had it all and lost it all/ now its work for company”

They ended with their most vibrant songs, Sea Spray and Perfect Reflections. The disco-influenced tunes inspired dancing in the audience and even lead to some call and response with the diverse crowd getting involved.

As they ended their set, emphatic chants broke out in the crowd with people yelling, “One more song! One More Song!” The band relented and capped the night off with an encore of the audience requested Sea Spray, a fitting end to this reintroduction.

The quartet are currently working on their sophomore project, a follow up to The Exhibition EP.