University Radio Falmer (URF) is the radio station of the University of Sussex Students’ Union, and is run entirely by student volunteers. URF is one of the oldest student radio stations in the country, being established in 1976, and is also one of the only non play-listed radio stations. We want our shows to reflect exactly what the presenters want to play, and you the listeners want to hear, so student DJs are given the freedom to determine the content and music for their shows, which is something we are very proud of. The huge variety of shows we have on the schedule reflects this: from news and discussion shows, to specialist and unsigned music shows, to cheesey 90’s pop and most recently society based shows!

Whether you enjoy the buzz of being on air, you’d rather help out behind the scenes or be part of one of the teams, or even if you just want to listen to some great shows, we’ve got something for everyone. Getting involved in student radio is not only fun, but also can be incredibly rewarding, and is great work experience which looks great on your CV! Past members have gone on to work for Juice 107.2FM, the BBC and many other local, national and international media outlets.

We often have outsiders come in to do talks for the members, which is something we want to pursue more of. Recently we have had the Pips which is an organisation helping students be apart of radio. Yearly the team goes to the SRA conference (student radio association) where we are trained on planning, production and the different aspects of radio. Therefore if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the team.