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Role of the Dice

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Every Sunday between 11:00-12:00

When last we left our heroes they were playing Table Top RPGs on URF! Welcome to Role of the Dice, URF's only show that broadcasts Table Top Role Playing games. Join us as we play plucky adventurers, cut throat gang members, Mormon cowboys, and socially awkward superheroes. So far we have played D&D 5e and Blades in the Dark. This year we'll start off with Masks: A New Generation and are looking forward to playing other games such as Dogs in the Vineyard or some old classics. With TTRPGs more popular than you've ever been before, you can't miss out at the chance to get on the bottom rung with a show about friends having a good time whilst fighting cyborg ninjas and learning to fear the Dungeon Master's wrath. So enter, if ye dare...