The Get Down

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Every Thursday between 22:00-23:00

I personally believe that I have great taste in music. Tune in to see if you end up believing it too. I mostly play music to suit particular moods/ vibes that you can relax and chill out to... or get hyped and skin out to. Picture me a legend, worldwide or in Streatham.. known for words in a sentence- I put words in a sentence, its action in my letters. 'I want it all, I can never be patient, you know my money ain't clean, I don't have bank statements' 'The roads the roads the roads, its only wasting my life, its only taking my shine' '67 ain't a gang its a family, rude boy mind what you say' 'White folks got the room to success mapped and that's all good but why don't blacks have the same atlas?' 'I had to tell my story cos they'll rather show you black kids with flies on their faces on the television.' 'How da party ya look suh' -'eh eh eh eh hmmm, eh eh hmmm (laughs)' -'You never believe me Told you I got Zs for these other girls sleepin' on em. Girl I'm sleepy' -'They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life, I gotta make it' -'But what about the yutes that ain't athletes or rappers?'